Investment Update: The Curious AI Company raise €800k

The stage is set for Artificial Intelligence to gain even greater prominence in the medium term. AI is beginning to have an impact in many fields, and will begin to positively effect day-to-day life in the months and years to come, however we can’t get ahead of ourselves, as the AI in play right now is still relatively primitive.

Today, most AI requires ‘supervision’, in other words it has to be trained, guided and adjusted by humans. The team at The Curious AI Company have been developing a more advanced and sophisticated AI: their focus is semi- and unsupervised machine learning. Instead of requiring constant guidance, machines are taught to learn statistical patterns in data so they can make decisions without the need for human interference. Curious AI is led by Harri Valpola, an AI pioneer who helped build ZenRobotics. We are delighted to back Harri and his team, and to be working again with our friends at Lifeline Ventures and Invus Group.

More about Curious AI here.

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