01. Health & fitness programme
Our science-based physical health and performance programme is designed to cater to the specific needs of founders and CEOs.

The six month programme is run by a team of expert clinicians, through our partner WellFounded, and is based on cutting edge medical expertise, positive psychology, and behavioural science – with the objective of helping participants better understand their body and mind and ultimately unlock the best version of themselves. It includes

In-depth analysis of health and performance data including bloodwork, physiology, fitness, nutrition, sleep and mindset.
A personalised plan from a multidisciplinary team of physicians, pharmacists, sleep experts, psychologists, nutritionists, health and performance coaches.
Health consultations and performance coaching sessions throughout the programme to help you achieve your goals.
02. CEO Forums
Balderton CEO Forums are peer groups of 8-10 CEOs from within the portfolio who meet regularly, in person to discuss the business issues and overall life challenges they face as leaders of fast-growing tech businesses.

Sessions are run by a peer moderator, and designed to allow each member to share their most significant professional or personal updates in a confidential format and setting.

We have active CEO Forum groups in London, Paris, Berlin and Stockholm.

03. Executive Coaching
Whether you’re working through a challenging growth period or at the beginning of your leadership journey, our on-staff executive coach is available to support founders and CEOs within the portfolio.

For a longer-term or more personalised service, we offer referrals to some of the world’s leading executive coaches.

I’m a late adopter but I now think the benefits of looking after mental and physical health are immeasurable. Founding and running a business is a long-running series of major highs and lows, all of which can put continual pressure on diet, sleep and the ability to switch off.

Peter Briffet CEO

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