A Sustainable Future

The twenty-first century has confronted the global community with challenges that require global cooperation at all levels.

Given the substantial role that both private enterprise and capital play in our interconnected world, Balderton recognises it has a contribution to make in addressing these challenges.


Our SFG Report 2022

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Building a sustainable business

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Balancing sustainability and growth


Balderton's Sustainable Future Goals

Here, we share our Sustainable Future Goals with you. We endeavour to hold ourselves accountable to these values, and to improve and refine them as we go. We also commit to sharing what we learn, not only with our portfolio, but with the wider venture community, in the hope that we might all help each other to do better.

Sustainable Future

"We have a collective responsibility to create a world that is more just, more inclusive, more diverse and more sustainable."

- Bernard Liautaud, Managing Partner, Balderton Capital

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