Our Sustainable Future Goals

At Balderton, we have developed a clear environmental, social and governance framework that guides how we operate as a firm and support our portfolio companies. We commit to sharing what we learn, not only with our portfolio, but with the wider industry, in the hope that we can help each other do better.

Our sustainable investing policy can also be found here.


Urgent climate action

Substantially reduce emissions and offset existing emissions. (UN SDG #13, 15)

Responsible consumption

Best standards for responsible consumption and production. Sustainable manufacturing, distribution and retail. Reduce food waste to minimal levels. (UN SDG #2, 12, 14)

Green cities

Help make cities more breathable, liveable and sustainable. (UN SDG #11)

Thriving natural world

Protect and regenerate nature and biodiversity. (UN SDG #15: Protecting Life on Land and UN SDG #14: Protecting Life below Water).


Fairness and equal opportunities

Jobs and or services that improve the lives of vulnerable groups. Workplaces that enable employees to have equal opportunities and to reach their full potential as we and the companies in our portfolio grow and thrive. (UN SDG #1, 8, 10)

Gender equality, diversity and inclusion

Diversity in all its forms, and an inclusive working environment with a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination of any kind. (UN SDG #5)

Good health and wellbeing

Ensure good health and wellbeing in the workplace. (UN SDG #3)

Lifelong learning

Vocational training and lifelong learning for employees. Quality education for children. (UN SDG #4)


Highest ethical and governance standards

Transparency and strong ethics in governance. Stand firm against corruption and unethical behaviour, and compliance with all relevant regulatory bodies. (UN SDG #16)

Data rights are human rights

Treat personal data and the privacy of customers and users with respect. (UN SDG #16)

We have a collective responsibility to create a world that is more just, more inclusive, more diverse and more sustainable.

Bernard Liautaud
Managing Partner, Balderton

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