Key findings

The intensity of the pressure in the start-up ecosystem drives founders to prioritise putting in longer hours above all else.

90% of founders agree that the pressure that entrepreneurs put themselves under drives them to constantly work very long hours.

However, founders know there are diminishing returns from just “working harder.” They see other factors such as sleep, support networks, coaching and nutrition as essential to achieving peak performance.

An overwhelming majority (83%) of founders feel that, past a point, there are diminishing returns from simply putting in more hours.

Too often, they still prioritise putting in more hours above all else, and this risks burnout and poor performance.

of founders say constant high pressure in entrepreneur-led companies can have a negative impact on business performance.

A more holistic view of the factors that can positively impact performance would increase the chance of founder success. VCs can play an essential role in making this happen.

The current culture and a lack of support prevents founders from investing in factors that they know will improve their performance. Overwhelmingly – 81% – founders feel VCs can help to create a culture where entrepreneurs can look after their wellbeing, which directly impacts performance and increases success rates.

Research Report

The report discusses the culture of extreme pressure, what founders think helps them perform at their best, and what can be done to make this common practice across the industry.

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