Confidentiality – Our Commitment

Last updated: December 2023


Our Commitment to Entrepreneurs

Many of us have been founders and entrepreneurs ourselves, so we understand the significance of your business’ data. Simply, we can be trusted with that information, however sensitive. So when we are evaluating your business before our first investment, we don’t sign NDAs for young companies, instead we commit to the following:

  • We will not share your data outside of our Firm (our Partners, employees, consultants LPs), unless you agree;
  • We will only use your data for Balderton’s internal purposes including deciding whether to invest;
  • All of which means we will not share any of your data with a competitive business, whether with one of our portfolio companies or with a non-portfolio company;
  • And, of course, anyone who is part of our Firm (our Partners, employees, LPs) commits to keep your data confidential.