Introducing Balderton’s Intern Cohort: 2015

Each summer we run placements and student internships here at Balderton as a way to introduce people with varied skill sets to the world of venture, and for us to learn more about their specific areas of interest. This year we have people joining us with expertise as broad as design in health technology, augmented reality gaming and light-speed travel. While working here, they will be meeting new companies, advising our portfolio in specific areas and deep-diving into verticals to help broaden our understanding of emerging sectors in technology. If you think you're working on anything relevant to their areas of interest, feel free to get in touch!

Maja Kecman (@majakecman)

Maja is an industrial designer working primarily in healthcare. Her portfolio of work includes the design of surgical instruments for J&J, adjustable glasses for the developing world and a self-Pap test kit. She currently leads a design studio of 10 inside of St Mary's Hospital in Paddington under the leadership of Lord Ara Darzi. Their remit is to identify real problems to solve through design and implement them within the broader healthcare setting. Maja is also co-founder of a start-up based in Tel Aviv that just raised seed funding to develop a device that has the ambition to become the Google Earth for your blood. This project came out of Singularity University's 10 week program which she attended in 2013 in California.

Acutely aware that good ideas are only a small part of what makes a product or service successful, she looks forward to learning more about the business and operations side of things at Balderton and to bring her passion (verging on obsession) for creating simple solutions to complex problems with good design to the company this summer. Maja trained in manufacturing engineering and industrial design at Cambridge and the Royal College of Art.

Sheng Huang (@sheng06)

Sheng is a current London Business School MBA student who’s passionate about helping startups get on the path of growth. At LBS, he is the co-president of the Entrepreneurship Club and TELL Series and most recently organized the first ever LBS Hackathon. Outside of LBS, he is a committee member of Hello Tomorrow London, a nonprofit that aims to bring next-gen technologies to improve society. Before coming to London, he worked in the Silicon Valley at Niantic Labs (Google’s augmented reality mobile gaming startup), Google Local Incubation (internal incubator for new local products), two cleantech startups, and Deloitte. He holds undergraduate degrees in Business and Legal Studies from UC Berkeley.

Fun facts: He is semi-obsessed with the outdoors and once did the John Muirs Trail (a 330km mountainous trail across three national parks) in 12 days. In Europe, he is putting backcountry hiking on hold and is visiting a new country every month instead.

Jack Olivarius-McAllister ( student internship )

Jack Olivarius-McAllister is a Senior at Yale, where he is majoring in Applied Physics. He grew up in London, where he was administrative director and trustee of GenerationNext!. He has a strong interest in medicine and biomedical engineering and spent the summer of 2013 shadowing neurosurgeons at the University of Michigan Medical School as a Ramnath Scholar. Other interests include faster than light travel, ed tech and health tech. At Yale his main activity is singing with the mixed a capella jazz group RedHot and Blue, which tours the United States and the world during the summers, and for which he has been Business Manager. Jack has been a member of Women Moving Millions since 2013. He is an experienced canoeist and outdoorsman. 

Pearla Papiernick ( student internship )

I have a passion for learning about new things and flourish in an environment where ideas get exchanged and discussed; this led me to co-organise a TEDx event this year at my university called Challenge and Change. Currently studying economics in Milan, I am interested in technology-based companies and the impact they will have on the economy of the future. I am enthusiastic about the idea of investing in them financially but also investing time and knowledge into helping the entrepreneurs build strong and competitive businesses.

Harry Stebbings ( student internship )

Hello, I’m Harry, and I am very honoured to be the latest intern to join the team at Balderton Capital. I am also Host of The Twenty Minute VC, the No 1 podcast for all things VC. I have a particular interest alternative methods of finance, such as, Crowdfunding, with it’s ability to replace ageing and inefficient financial institutions.

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