Announcing Colin Hanna’s promotion to Partner at Balderton Capital

Balderton’s Colin Hanna started at Balderton in 2016. We are delighted to announce his promotion to Partner, making him the first-ever Balderton Partner based outside London.

Colin Hanna has been on the Balderton investment team for five years now, and we’re truly delighted to be announcing his promotion to Partner today. He will be our first-ever Partner based permanently outside London.Today, Colin sits on the boards of portfolio companies including VanMoof and Finoa. In December of last year, Colin announced Balderton’s Sustainable Future Goals initiative, and earlier this year, he welcomed a new investor to our team in Berlin – Shikha Ahluwalia.You can read our “get to know Colin” post here.You can also read more about the news on TechCrunch here

Colin talks to Founders at the Balderton Collective CEO Retreat in 2018

We are delighted to announce Colin’s promotion to Partner. Since he joined Balderton in 2016, Colin has had a significant impact on both Balderton and our portfolio. He works closely with companies like VanMoof, Finoa and Ory and has assisted with countless other companies, supporting our founders as they scale. Colin has strengthened our position in DACH by establishing our permanent presence in Berlin and bringing in Shikha Ahluwalia, whom we are delighted to have. In addition, he was instrumental in the definition of the Balderton Sustainable Future Goals. We have no doubt Colin will be highly successful in his new role.

Bernard Liautaud Managing Partner, Balderton

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