We welcome Shikha Ahluwalia as our new Investment Associate

MAR 31, 2021

Shikha will focus on investments in the DACH region. The appointment deepens Balderton’s commitment to the Berlin tech ecosystem and to the DACH region

Shikha Ahluwalia

Last week, the investment team at Balderton welcomed a new investor to our squad, Shikha Ahluwalia. Shikha will be based full-time, alongside myself, in Berlin.

We feel lucky to have Shikha working alongside us. At Balderton we are looking for planet-scale outcomes and Shikha has planet-scale perspective. Having grown up in Germany, studied Business at Germany’s WHU Business School, cut her teeth in investment banking at JP Morgan in London, Shikha veered off the well-trodden path to roll the dice, move to New Delhi, and become an entrepreneur.

After five years of rapid growth, lofty success and a healthy dose of challenges, Shikha has returned to Germany and moved to Berlin to help us engineer serendipity and back European founders with global ambition. Shikha’s own path endows her with tremendous capacity to connect and empathize with Founders who are just getting started on their own journeys.

Shikha’s hiring deepens our commitment to the local Berlin ecosystem and to the DACH region more broadly. We have been actively supporting Founders in Germany for more than a decade. Take Contentful, where we led the Seed round in 2012 and continue to serve on the Board. Or the tremendous growth from Sophia Genetics, infarm, Dalia Research and Kaia Health where we have been investors for several years. In the past year alone we have partnered with four businesses in DACH and as we work to find the next great company Shikha’s perspective will sharpen our lens.

Shikha’s poise, analytical clarity, and energy were apparent to us since our early conversations and will become an asset for any founder lucky enough to work with her. We can’t wait for you all to meet her.

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