Introducing our new podcast: What’s Next…

We’re pleased to introduce What’s Next… – a brand new video and podcast series aimed at reshaping the conversation around emerging technologies.

Over the course of this series, James, along with other Balderton partners, will interview the founders of companies behind breakthroughs in fields as diverse as self-driving vehicles, robotics, drones, biohacking and clean energy. If you’re interested in hard tech companies, the people building them and the potential impact on our lives, this will be for you.

Our first guest is with none other than Alex Kendall, CEO and founder of Wayve. Wayve is the market leader in embodied AI for autonomous driving, and just announced a $1.05bn fundraise – the largest ever for an AI company out of Europe. You can read all about it here.

Five years after Balderton’s first investment in Wayve, James sits down with Alex to talk about the company’s journey in embodied AI, autonomous vehicles and the future of mobility.

Watch the first episode below and follow along on here.

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