GoCardless becomes one of the most valuable fintech companies in Europe

Bernard and Hiroki

GoCardless becomes one of the most valuable fintech companies in Europe

We’ve very pleased to announce the latest funding round of $95M for GoCardless.

This round makes GoCardless one of the most valuable fintech companies in Europe, and helps it continue its mission to make repeat and subscription payments safer, easier and more accessible for all.Balderton first invested in GoCardless in 2014 and has supported the company since.Founded initially by Hiroki Takuechi, Matt Robinson and Tom Blomfield, what started as a UK-focused direct debits platform has now grown into a global payments success story that counts among its clients some of the biggest companies in the world, as well as tens of thousands of small businesses and entrepreneurs who benefit from its payment system every day.As well as being a leading technological solution in a complex and often dated payments sector, GoCardless is also unique because of the incredibly strong culture and team that the CEO, Hiroki, has built from day one.

Balderton’s Managing Partner, Bernard with Hiroki at the Balderton CEO Collective in France in 2018, celebrating Hiroki’s ‘Balder’ award win.

GoCardless is one of the few companies to have returned to Europe after getting its initial funding from Y-Combinator where they were briefly based in San Francisco. However, Hiroki recognised early that there was equal opportunity and talent in Europe to build a significant business that was started and headquartered here.To Hiroki’s huge credit, GoCardless remains one of the most desirable places to work in the fintech ecosystem, and as well as building the impressive leadership the team has today, that strong culture has also created its own ecosystem of GoCardless employees who have gone on to start and build their own successful businesses, some of which Balderton has also been fortunate to back.With this new funding, we look forward to the company’s continued success as it makes payments easier and more accessible, and congratulate Hiroki and the team on a hugely important milestone that few have achieved.You can read more on the fundraise here, or find out more about Hiroki and GoCardless by watching the interview below. 

Hiroki speaks to Suranga at the Balderton CEO Collective offsite in France, in May 2018.


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