Dream Games raises $255M and hits $2.75 billion valuation

Dream Games Royal match

The Series C round was led by Index Ventures, with existing investors Makers Fund, IVP, Kora and Balderton. BlackRock joined as a new investor.

Balderton first invested in the Istanbul-based mobile game developer at Seed in November 2019Dream Games is now valued at $2.75 billion, almost triple the $1 billion it was worth just six months ago. The new funding will be used both to continue investing in and developing Royal Match, and to work on its next launch, which is expected later this year. Founded in 2019, the company’s vision is to build a global interactive entertainment studio that brings state-of-the-art design and immersive experiences to the mobile gaming genre. Its record-breaking round is a sign that mobile gaming has come of age as an art form – and also marks an extraordinary success for the startup ecosystem in Istanbul, where Dream Games was founded just two and a half years ago.

Dream Games’ first release – the absorbing and immersive Royal Match game, where users progress through levels to help a king decorate his castle – has gathered millions of dedicated daily fans around the world. It has attracted mass audiences across all regions, cultures, genders and age-groups, and is consistently in the top 10 highest-grossing games in major markets such as the US and UK.

A key point of distinction from competitors is that Dream Games sees itself in competition with other forms of entertainment, such as films and social media – not just games. Based in Istanbul, which has been at a historical crossroads between East and West for centuries, the team possesses a unique advantage in its capacity to speak to and captivate a diverse audience as it expands globally.

Dream Games approaches gaming in a way that’s similar to how Pixar approaches filmmaking. We wanted to bring a holistic and inspiring spirit of excellence to the many thousands of details involved in the game design process, from art and engineering to the mechanisms that underpin the user experience. The result is a rich, beautiful gaming experience with enduring appeal.

Soner Aydemir CEO and cofounder, Dream Games