Welcome to the Partnership, Rob and James



Welcome to the Partnership, Rob and James

JAN 05, 2016


I can’t think of a better way to kick off 2016 than by welcoming Rob Moffat and James Wise to the partnership here at Balderton.

Both of them have made a huge impression on the Balderton investment team over the last few years, and have made countless, invaluable contributions to our work of finding, engaging with, investing in and working alongside many of Europe’s best entrepreneurs.

Beyond the day to day execution of the job of being a venture capitalist (something they both excel at), what particularly drove our decision to promote them was the consistent, tremendous positive feedback we have received from the portfolio companies that they already work with. I can’t underplay the importance of this feedback. At the heart of every great venture capital firm is the good fortune of working with great entrepreneurs and so we value the opinion of this group very highly when we look at anything of substance we are doing about developing the firm.

Rob and James’ promotion to the partnership comes at an important time. The European early stage technology market is continuing to gain momentum, and so we have focused heavily on growing our team with a mix of new people, and the promotion of those within. Ultimately, our job is to engage with and serve technology entrepreneurs across Europe. With an enlarged team of eight partners, we can do that better, faster and at greater scale.

And so, one more time, congratulations and welcome to my fellow partners Rob Moffat and James Wise.