Webinar & Q&A: The Founder’s Guide to B2B Sales

FEB 10, 2023

Watch the webinar below as Balderton's EIR Dave Kellogg and principal Michael Lavner provide an overview of the guide and answer your most pressing questions.

In November, we launched the Founder's Guide to B2B Sales, a guidebook written to help founders and CEOs to build, manage, and scale a sales force. In this webinar, Dave Kellogg, author of the guide provides an overview of the content, which is designed to help founders build, manage, and scale a sales force, and answers your most pressing questions. 

Tune in below to learn more about:

  1. Selling. The seven things all founders should know about sales.
  2. Building. How to build both a sales model and a sales force.
  3. Managing. Day-to-day management of the sales force and pipeline.
  4. Renewing/expanding. The role of customer success and sales/success interaction.
  5. Marketing. The basics of marketing, with an emphasis on pipeline creation.
  6. Partnering. The key types of partners and relationships.
  7. Planning. How to plan, with an emphasis on models and metrics.

The Founder's Guide to B2B Sales

An introduction and Q&A on the Founder's Guide to B2B Sales, with Dave Kellogg.


Webinar hosted by Dave Kellogg, Executive In Residence, alongside Michael Lavner, Principal

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