Supernormal raises $10 million to transform worker productivity with AI-generated meeting notes

The seed round was led by Balderton, with participation from existing investor EQT Ventures as well as Acequia Capital and by Founders.

Supernormal‘s transformative AI platform creates intelligent meeting notes built on OpenAI and state-of-the-art language models. Notes are generated two seconds after meetings end, with 50,000 professionals at organisations including Github, Netflix, Salesforce and The Next Web using the platform.Supernormal delivers detailed meeting notes to users without them lifting a finger, and was founded by former product manager at Meta and Klarna, Colin Treseler and former design lead at GitHub and Splice, Fabian Perez. The platform integrates with Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Zoom, and automatically creates AI-powered notes and transcripts after every meeting instantaneously.Since launching in October 2022, Supernormal has already been able to deliver millions of dollars worth of productivity gains to businesses, enabling people to spend less time on note-taking and more time delivering value.

We’re delighted by the reception so far to Supernormal and look forward to working closely with Balderton and our other investors to deliver next-generation solutions on such a pivotal source of information.

Colin Treseler, co-founder and CEO of Supernormal

Supernormal founders Colin Treseler and Fabian Perez

Amplifying meeting benefits

Professional workers spend between four to 12 hours per week in meetings, with additional time spent collating actions and tracking follow-ups, which could be better spent on making business decisions. Supernormal frees workers from the struggle of taking notes and analysing them afterwards for actions, instead allowing people to concentrate fully on using meetings to share ideas, build relationships and make decisions.While other solutions focus on manual highlighting of transcripts and often take considerable focus and time, Supernormal instantly generates detailed meeting notes depending on the type of call, extracting key details like customer objectives, goals, key decisions and action items within two seconds. After the meeting, the platform continues to deliver productivity gains by automating routine action items like follow-up emails, scheduling, and making introductions.With the AI note-taking market exploding in recent years, Supernormal stands out as the best-in-class platform and is the only solution providing completely automated notes built with OpenAI’s GPT-3 and internal AI models. The software learns the habits of individual users so as they use it more, it becomes more precise and personalised to their editing styles. With its suite of tools, Supernormal is quickly becoming the AI platform of choice for entire organizations and teams like Customer Success, Sales, Marketing, HR and Operations at leading businesses such as Netflix, Salesforce, Github, Wayfair and The Next Web.

Supernormal meeting recording and notes

At Balderton, we are hungry for a new paradigm of applications exposing the magic of large language models within simple but powerful user experiences. Supernormal is already delighting users at scale across organizations. To get here, Colin and Fabian have shown creativity and grit. We believe those qualities, combined with their product experience at companies like GitHub, Klarna and Meta, will help them build a category-defining company in AI-powered workplace productivity and cognitive computing.

Colin Hanna, Partner at Balderton

Supernormal has now raised a total of $12 million from investors including Balderton, EQT Ventures, Acequia Capital and angels including Jehad Affoneh (chief design officer at restaurant software business Toast) Nir Eyal (investor and author of Hooked: How to build Habit-Forming Products) and Mick Johnson (Head of News Feed at Facebook).The new funding will be used to further the mission of delivering end-to-end workflow solutions based on foundational meeting data and develop next-generation tools that deliver unparalleled insights and actionable outcomes from conversations across organizations. As a remote-first company, with dual HQs in Stockholm and New York, Supernormal is on a mission to empower workers everywhere, supporting them to work faster, better and more efficiently.

Rachelle Young, Program Director at The Next Web