PODCAST: How entrepreneurs can wow journalists | Tips from Alex Wood, The Memo

Ben catches up with Editor of The Memo Alex Wood, and talks about what entrepreneurs should do to maximise their chances of getting covered by the media.

0100 Alex explains how a newsroom actually works behind the scenes, and how entrepreneurs can use this knowledge to their advantageb

0250 What's the best 'first point of contact' for a journalist? Is it email? Or are you guys way too busy?

0355 Where are you going to coverage? Should entrepreneurs shoot for the stars and go for national & international titles? Or should they focus on the tech and trade media?

0445 Alex advises entrepreneurs to make their intentions very clear... as journalists will thank you for doing so

0650 Does social media work?

0805 Alex advises entrepreneurs on how they should use 'off the record' and 'background calls', and explains why journalists aren't likely to betray your confidence.

1000 Is there a better medium to be covered on (online, print, tv, video?), and what are the key differences between them?

1145 If you have a contrarian viewpoint, Alex has some words of advice...

1305 Assuming it's all gone well, and a Founder is booked to go on telly: what are the most important golden rules for them to follow?

1430 When should a startup use a PR agency?

1650 Should an entrepreneur get media training? (and what should they wear on tv?)

1840 What should you expect in a tv studio?

2120 Quote of the day from Alex, "Founding a company has made me a better journalist" - you heard it here first.

2200 What's next for The Memo (and how can entrepreneurs get covered!?)

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