PODCAST: An introduction to the Dutch Tech Scene | Sebastiaan Heijne

This week we catch up with Sebastiaan Heijne, the cofounder of Signkick, who takes us through the Dutch tech scene.

0045 The Dutch have a naturally world-wide approach due to the small home market, very high levels of spoken English, and huge network connectivity.

0335 Seb explains that the majority of the best Dutch tech leaders and entrepreneurs now work from overseas... is this good or bad?

0645 Is there anything particularly 'Dutch' about the Netherlands tech scene?

0730 There is more to the Dutch tech scene than just Amsterdam, and that Eindhoven and The Hague play important parts too.

0920 Seb explains how drug culture does indeed filter through into entrepreneurship and technology in the country.

1025 If you read the coverage of the European technology scene, it appears that London, Stockholm, Paris, Berlin and Copenhagen may be ahead of Amsterdam in the rankings... is this how people feel in The Netherlands?

1110 Shout out to James Wise (Balderton Partner) who is in Amsterdam as we record this podcast!

1250 What are the best accelerators and conferences? Shoutouts to TheNextWeb, Startup Fest, Uprise, StartupBootcamp, WeWork and more...

1540 Are there certain sectors that specialisms in Holland? - Seb's answer throws some light on cybersecurity, biotech and the Dutch dance scene!

1900 The big question: What's next for the tech scene in The Netherlands?

2150 Will raising money get easier in Holland? (Seb gives the Dutch government a few tips!)

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