Levity raises $8.3M to bring the power of AI to businesses of all sizes

The seed round was co-led by Balderton and Chalfen Ventures, with participation from Angular Ventures and System.One alongside key angels.

Founded by Gero Keil and Thilo Hüllmann, Levity believes AI should be available for as many businesses as possible and wants to empower companies – even those with little technical resources or AI knowledge – to take advantage of the power that tailored AI can bring. In this way, they want to level the playing field for companies of all sizes so that the productivity gains and advantages that come from automation are not restricted to those with the deepest pockets.Levity’s No-Code AI platform – which just launched in open beta with free trial access – enables non-technical people to build custom AI-powered workflow automations through easy-to-use AI Blocks and templates.

James Wise, Thilo Hüllman, Gero Keil and Shikha Ahluwalia

There are swathes of businesses being completely left out and underserved when it comes to AI and automation, as large firms and tech teams continue to build tools that are out of reach of everyday people. Businesses and their customers deserve the same opportunities to reap the benefits of AI and automation as their bigger rivals and with Levity, we’re committed to opening up such opportunities and leveling the playing field for companies of all sizes

Gero Keil Co-founder & Balderton, Levity

Through Levity’s guided AI Block builder and templates, businesses can confidently automate workflows in minutes. Unlike most AI software tools that solve a single use case, Levity combines the most advanced technologies – natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision – in a single horizontal platform that enables users to automate a wide range of processes. The whole process of getting started, including signing up, creating an AI Block, and receiving the first predictions can take as little as five minutes to complete.The power of this approach is that Levity can be used on unstructured data types – such as images, texts, and documents. Levity’s customers range from fashion and real estate to shipping, marketing, social media, scientific research and more. Typical use cases include:

  • Automatically tagging and routing incoming emails or email attachments
  • Categorising and triaging customer support tickets
  • Sorting incoming documents into respective folders
  • Tagging visual inventory data, such as fashion items, product photos or real estate listings

There is an increasing divide between companies with the means to capitalize on AI and automation, and those smaller businesses who lack the resources to do so. Levity is on a mission to close this divide. By making machine learning more accessible and affordable, businesses of all shapes and sizes can truly benefit from the power that automation brings.

James Wise Partner, Balderton

The fundraising announcement follows a year of increasing demand and growth for the startup which recently culminated with the launch of the company’s open beta. Since this launch in August, Levity’s platform has completed more than 3.2 million predictions across its user base. The funding allows Levity to continue expanding its team and to bring its product to market to help even more businesses capitalize on the rising need and benefits that AI is bringing to industries globally.

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