Latana raises €36M Series B to grow its brand tracking and consumer insights platform

SEP 08, 2022

The funding was led by Oxx, with participation from Balderton and Kreos, and will be used to scale Latana's SaaS offering, which provides companies with consumer data and key insights to help track brand and campaign performance.

Since its launch in 2019, as a response to a pressing need for companies to better understand their audiences and brand perception, Latana has been leading the way in the world of brand tracking. Balderton previously led a Series A investment in Dalia Research, CEO & Founder Nico Jaspers' previous venture.  

Nico says that the company is on a mission to answer the 'ultimate question' for brands: how does our target audience perceive our brand? 

In a hyper competitive market, brand is more important than ever. But for too long, brand marketers have been left behind, and have made decisions on 'gut feeling', rather than data. Latana set out to change this, and enable brands of any size to measure and track how their target groups perceive them.

We’re excited to have strong partners on board to scale our software and client base. This investment now enables us to fully focus on developing the next generation of brand analytics and consumer insights.

Nico Jaspers, Latana CEO and Founder

Latana has big ambitions for rapid growth. It will scale its marketing and sales operations, grow its consumer-facing product teams, and expand its product offering through R&D. Lantana will also make key Product and Operational leadership hires, in order to further development of its SaaS offering. The company services clients globally, and these growth plans will enable Latana to expand both its product offering, and its core client base from SMBs to larger organisations, which have been traditionally serviced by larger market research firms

While mid-market consumer companies have always existed, the internet has created an explosion of new brands as products and consumers can interact directly with each other in a way that was never possible before. Many of these companies, born in an internet age, place data at the heart of everything thing do. This serves them incredibly well when they undertake performance marketing - a discipline that allows you to match every conversion with the dollars spent.

Suranga Chandratillake, Partner at Balderton

However, until now, the value and power of brand has been an imprecise, grey blob of confusion. Latana changes all of that - bringing actionable brand data and insights in a quantitatively rigorous way. Unsurprisingly, despite the tough market of the last year or so, the company has grown extremely rapidly with this unique proposition and now has the capital required to really lean into their lead.

Suranga Chandratillake, Partner at Balderton

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