Jumbo Privacy raises $8M Series A and launches Jumbo 2.0 to fight for consumers’ privacy

Jumbo Privacy

Jumbo Privacy raises $8M Series A and launches Jumbo 2.0 to fight for consumers’ privacy

The new round, led by Balderton, will help the startup’s mission to take on the tech industry’s privacy problem and give users back control of their data.

Jumbo Privacy was launched in April 2019 by CEO and founder, Pierre Valade. Pierre previously founded Balderton portfolio company, Sunrise, which was sold to Microsoft in 2015. With the explosion of remote working and the increasing amount of online tools and apps we use daily, technology has never been more pervasive. However, many consumers believe they have no choice when it comes to trading personal data for the use of these services, particularly when they are free. Jumbo was built to give consumers back that choice. Jumbo provides a simple, understandable and easy-to-use tool which scans the apps and websites that people use every day and offers actionable recommendations to increase online privacy and security.


“Our vision for Jumbo is to give you back control of your privacy, protect your sensitive data which is stored online on the major apps and websites, and to ultimately give you greater peace of mind.”

Pierre Valade, Jumbo Privacy CEO  

Jumbo Privacy CEO Pierre Valade

You can watch the video below to find out more about how Jumbo works. Today the company already protects more than 100,000 users on iOS and Android. 

Watch Jumbo’s video explaining how it works

Jumbo’s new and upgraded mobile app, Jumbo 2.0, takes these tools to the next level with the ability to block third-party trackers on mobile, data breach warnings and protection for LinkedIn and Instagram, in addition to existing protection across Facebook, Google, Twitter and Amazon.In a move to ensure that Jumbo will always have its users’ best interest in mind, Jumbo has also announced two premium versions of its app on a subscription basis: Jumbo Plus and Jumbo Pro. 

We have seen countless times that when an app or service is free, you are the product and money is being made off of you and your data. We are doing things differently: we will never sell ads or do anything to monetize your data. To stay true to our values and mission, we must build a sustainable business.

Pierre Valade, Jumbo Privacy CEO 

In a further move to make privacy easily accessible for everyone, Jumbo gives users the choice of how much they pay with “Pay what you think is fair” pricing for Jumbo Plus and Pro. Jumbo has also committed to making its tools available to users who might need it for free, e.g. if you need access to Jumbo Pro to scan your LinkedIn while you’re looking for work.Customers have already shown us that they are willing to pay for the additional privacy features, with around 40% of US users already paying the recommended amount or higher. 

Most people have no idea what is happening to their private information online or how to manage it. Jumbo Privacy’s incredibly user-friendly tools strip away the complexity of managing your personal data. It’s fantastic to be working with Pierre again, and supporting his dedicated team on their mission to put users in control of their privacy.

Bernard Liautaud, Managing Partner, Balderton

Read Jumbo’s blog announcing its product updates here.

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