The Curious AI Company raises $3.675m to continue pioneering AI research

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The Curious AI Company raises $3.675m to continue pioneering AI research

SEP 25, 2017


We’re delighted to announce funding in Helsinki-based The Curious AI Company, with a round that also includes Lifeline Ventures and Invus, along with new investors Data Collective, Jaan Tallinn, Court Westcott’s Cosmist Capital and Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation. The visionary AI specialist and AI-focused investor, Court Westcott leads the round and joins Curious AI’s board as chairman.Named one of Helsinki’s “Hottest Start-ups Worth Sussing Out” by Silicon Republic, the team at The Curious AI Company researches and develops advanced artificial intelligence, focusing on semi-supervised and unsupervised machine learning. 

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Harri Valpola, CEO of The Curious AI Company

In the two years since we first invested in Curious AI, the AI meme has grown exponentially, has been pushed to the forefront of developments by many of the major technology companies and has worked its way into a disproportionately high number of start-up pitches. At the same time, Harri and his team at Curious AI have made breakthroughs in creating the building blocks for what will be a step change in the scope of problems that future AI solutions will be able to solve. Some of this work in semi-unsupervised and fully unsupervised learning based AI has been published, some of it is still under wraps. Harri has put together an exceptional team who are working on the very frontier of AI research. We are delighted to invest further into Curious AI and to be able to work with Harri and team on the next phase of their very ambitious endeavours.

All of the AI which is currently in use is second rate … it’s a stupid lizard brain that doesn’t understand anything about the complexities of the world. So it requires a lot of data. What we want to build is more like the mammalian brain.

Harri Valpola, CEO, The Curious AI Company

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To read more about the funding announcement please visit The Curious AI Company’s blog, where CEO Harri Valpola brings us up to date on the company’s story.Also read the feature article in Wired, “Harri Valpola dreams of an Internet of beautiful AI minds.” READ MORE ARTICLES

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