Investment update: ROLI raise $27m


Investment update: ROLI raise $27m

MAY 04, 2016


We backed a relatively small team at ROLI 2 years ago. They had just started selling small batches of their first product, the Seaboard, which was hand built in their London workspace. Since then we have been in the fortunate position to witness them grow into an even more multi-disciplinary, multinational team.

ROLI have built all the required pieces you needed to get mass volumes of hardware products in stores around the world. They have acquired and integrated two exceptional software business (JUCE and, launched a true 3d-music app (NOISE), and launched a mass market, next-generation 5d-touch music keyboard (RISE), and sold in volume.

This is still just the beginning. Today, we’re delighted to welcome new investors Foundry Group, as well as Founders Fund and BGF, into the mix. Foundry have led a $27m Series B into the company which will help them continue to execute on their vision of connected music experiences for everyone on the planet. Congratulations to the ROLI team of what they have achieved so far; we are looking forward to the next chapter.


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