Investment Update: Cloud9 acquired by Amazon

We are very pleased to share the news that Cloud9 have been acquired by Amazon, and will become part of the Amazon Web Services offering.

Balderton initially invested in Cloud9 in November 2014, and we have been very pleased with the progress the company has made over the last two years.

We are incredibly excited for Ruben and the rest of the extremely talented team who have, over the last few years, built something that very few people believed could be achieved - a fully featured software development environment with desktop-like latency and responsiveness but hosted entirely in the cloud. AWS, as the world's largest public cloud provider is, of course, a fantastic home for the team and the product and you'll have to stay tuned to see what they will build together going forward!

Most of the 25 strong team will remain in Amsterdam and a few will relocate to relevant Amazon offices around the world, so we are also glad to report that this will be yet another case of a large US technology company investing in Europe and its technology ecosystem.

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