Balderton leads $8.2m Series A investment in ComplyAdvantage

OCT 13, 2016

We are delighted to have led a $8.2m investment into ComplyAdvantage, a company that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help firms manage compliance obligations and reduce costs.


In compliance, we see lots of entrants with a new workflow, or user-interface tool that is just repackaging the same data.

ComplyAdvantage is doing something different, by developing its own proprietary global data set of individuals and companies that pose a threat. We believe that this is one of the few remaining large industries that is still ripe for digital disruption. We are thrilled to be backing Charles and his team, they are well on their way to changing the way companies can understand and monitor risk around their clients. Their mission is truly exciting, and relevant to all businesses. 

You can read more about the news in the financial and technology media.

Charlie Delingpole, Founder & CEO, ComplyAdvantage

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