Podcast: HealthTech | Product innovation and where the NHS can improve

Maja Kecman joins Ben Goldsmith to talk about both product and app innovation in healthcare.

Maja currently leads Helix, a team of designers embedded in St. Mary's Hospital, and is currently spending the summer on a secondment at Balderton.

Listed below are a few key questions in the podcast:

2:10 How do you get a product to market in healthcare?

4:30 How does a product innovation in healthtech evolve?

7:15 Can MVP-style thinking and procedures be applied to healthtech?

9:00 Due to the specialist nature of healthcare innovations and high up-front cost in product, does the funding procedure look different.

11:30 Do VCs in healthtech need to be doctors or medical experts?

14:30 What is your piece of advice to an inventor/entrepreneur in healthtech

16:15 Is the NHS a good or a bad thing for healthtech?

18:50 Due to the recent proliferation in healthcare apps, Maja forwards the idea for a system by which the NHS (or another qualified third party) offers a mark of approval to healthcare apps.


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