Elodie Broad joins Balderton as its first Head of Impact and Sustainable Future Goals

  • As Balderton’s first dedicated position focused solely on impact and the firm’s Sustainable Future Goals (SFGs) approach, Elodie will have a critical role in driving forward Balderton’s impact and sustainability strategy
  • Appointment underlines Balderton’s commitment to delivering on its SFGs while continually improving its approach and ambition, and sharing all insights and learnings with its 100+ active portfolio companies
  • Elodie joins from Deloitte, where she gained extensive experience working with large corporates on defining their sustainability approach to leverage their core business model for good

Balderton Capital has welcomed Elodie Broad, an experienced leader in corporate sustainability and sustainable finance, as its first Head of Impact and Sustainable Future Goals (SFGs).The appointment follows the publication of Balderton’s inaugural SFG report in December 2021. The report introduced Balderton’s ten SFGs – which were modelled on and inspired by the UN SDGs – to capture the firm’s imperatives and ambitions across a range of sustainability-related topics including climate change, gender equality, and economic integration. The report provided an initial OKRs (Objectives & Key Results) assessment along Balderton’s three impact axes: its internal operations, its investment decision making, and the Balderton portfolio. Elodie’s role will see her lead this work and hold Balderton accountable to the values underpinning the SFGs, while continually challenging and improving Balderton’s sustainability ambitions and impact. She will also share best practices with the 100+ active companies within Balderton’s portfolio, and will be responsible for monitoring the sustainability and impact investing landscape and factoring in both new market developments and technological innovation to shape and evolve Balderton’s SFGs approach.

Elodie Broad, Head of Impact and SFGs

Elodie joins Balderton from Deloitte’s Sustainable Finance team where she oversaw ESG strategy, transformation and regulatory readiness in the investment management sector with a particular focus on private equity. She has extensive experience working with corporates, both small and large, on defining their sustainability approach to leverage their core business model for good.

We’re delighted to appoint Elodie as Balderton’s first Head of Impact and SFGs. We’ve been impressed by Elodie’s work exploring the role of financial systems in enabling, incentivising and accelerating the transition to a more sustainable economic model. With Elodie at the helm, we’re looking forward to continually improving and delivering on our Sustainable Future Goals, and sharing everything we learn with our portfolio companies.

Bernard Liautaud Managing Partner, Balderton

Having always worked at the intersection of strategy and innovation, sustainability and sustainable finance, Elodie has a passion for helping businesses and investors understand their sustainability risks and opportunities and factoring these into their strategy. Elodie’s move to Australia in January 2019 strengthened her commitment as she saw the devastating effects of climate change first-hand during the bushfire crisis. She played an instrumental role in setting up Deloitte Australia’s Bushfire Response and Climate Action programme, with the goal of setting an exemplary approach to reducing the firm’s own carbon footprint and encouraging and supporting other corporates on their climate approach.

I’ve long been passionate about the role of investors and corporates in taking accountability for their impact and driving a more sustainable future. Not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because it makes business sense. I feel particularly inspired by the role and impact potential of private capital; venture capital has a huge part to play in ensuring that the businesses of tomorrow are built on sustainable foundations. I’m really excited about joining Balderton and look forward to applying my commitment and expertise to help take the fund’s sustainability commitment and ambition to the next level, working alongside the investment teams and portfolio companies.

Elodie Broad Head of Impact and SFGs, Balderton

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