Medtronic announces acquisition of Balderton portfolio company Digital Surgery

FEB 13, 2020

Medtronic today announced their acquisition of Digital Surgery.  Medtronic said the acquisition will accelerate Medtronic's strategy to provide AI and data within laparoscopic and robotic assisted surgery.

Headquartered in London, Digital Surgery’s mission is to digitize surgical protocols using cutting-edge computing and to support the delivery of consistent, data-driven and evidence-based surgical care.

“Joining Medtronic creates an incredible opportunity to realize the promise of reducing unwarranted variability in surgery,” said Dr. Jean Nehme, surgeon, CEO and co-founder of Digital Surgery. “We have always believed in computational power and data as two central drivers of consistency and quality in surgery. Computational power has impacted our lives in so many ways, and within surgery it is almost absent. By joining forces with Medtronic, we will finally apply computing and AI to surgery on a meaningful scale with a goal of helping more patients in more places benefit from consistently high-quality surgical care.”

The press release from Medtronic can be found here

Balderton first invested in Digital Surgery at Series A in May 2013. You can read Suranga's article here on what we learned on the journey with Digital Surgery. 

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