DELLI, the new venture from Depop founder Simon Beckerman, raises $7.2million

SEP 06, 2022

The funding was co-led by Balderton and HV Capital - who were both early investors in Depop - and will be used to fuel growth and further expand Delli's offering.

DELLI is the latest innovation in community-focused food and beverage, offering a platform for the next generation of food makers in the UK. DELLI was created by Depop founder Simon Beckerman after spotting a shift in behaviour and trends within the world of food - in a manner similar to his observations of the fashion industry and subsequent creation of Depop. Marie Petrovicka, former VP of Markets at Depop, joined him as co-founder and COO earlier this year.

I am really excited to announce DELLI’s $7.2M raise to further ignite growth and expand its offer to makers and consumers alike. DELLI’s success over the year, from the 200 makers already signed up to the app to units sold, highlights that there is space in the market for DELLI and a consumer desire for its service.

Simon Beckerman, Founder and CEO of DELLI

Our relationship to food is changing. DELLI wants to inspire the next generation to express themselves with food and be seen at the forefront of all these side hustles. DELLI is fast becoming the go-to place for those who want to tap into new food trends.

It uses the “drop” model seen in fashion to sell products (where a limited amount of a new product is released at a set time). This mechanic helps build excitement around each product, but also importantly to DELLI’s mission, combats obstacles small producers can face like managing food waste, cash and ingredient flow. By supporting the small producers of this world, DELLI aims to transform the broken food industry.

We are excited to be working again with Simon and Marie. Simon has an extraordinary flair for spotting emerging trends and building markets and communities around them. Marie is an operator extraordinaire, making them a formidable founding team. DELLI democratises food production and brings diversity of choice of local produce to consumers. We are looking forward to the journey ahead.

Daniel Waterhouse, Partner at Balderton

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