CEO Masterclass at Balderton: Mårten Mickos, CEO HackerOne, MySQL: Building a $1bn+ software company

CEO Masterclass Mårten Mikos, CEO of HackerOne, sits down with Bernard Liautaud

Mårten Mickos is a rare European founder. He has led 3 global software companies, including the Balderton-backed MySQL, and is now opening the London office of HackerOne, a new company which is used by Uber, Twitter and Github to protect their critical systems.

Mårten joined open-source database company MySQL as CEO early in the company's journey. He remained in charge until the $1 billion acquisition by Sun Microsystems in 2011.

Mårten's next role was again as a software CEO, at cloud software company Eucalyptus. Hewlett-Packard acquired the business in 2014.

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Mårten is interviewed by Balderton's Managing Partner, Bernard Liautaud

In this video, Mårten is interviewed by Balderton's Managing Partner, Bernard Liautaud. Like Mårten, Bernard spent the majority of his professional life as a software CEO at the very highest level. As CEO and Founder of Business Objects, Bernard become the first European to IPO a software company on Nasdaq in 1994, and continued in the role of CEO until the company was acquired by SAP in January 2008, for $6.8bn.

For further reading, see Mårten's blog, which is intended help startup CEOs with questions around leadership and company-building here.

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