32Co raises £2.2 million to revolutionise access to specialist healthcare

JUN 28, 2023

The seed funding was led by Balderton and includes participation from Wavemaker 360 Health and strategic angels.

32Co is revolutionising access to specialised healthcare services by connecting general clinicians with a network of specialists. The company is growing rapidly, and the new funding will fuel the development of 32Co's comprehensive clinical collaboration platform with artificial intelligence and prepare to build on new clinical use cases.

In today's increasingly specialised healthcare landscape, patients often struggle to find providers with the specific expertise they require. 32Co enables patients to access a range of specialist advice and clinical services through their trusted local provider, without the travel, waiting times and often high fees. 

This unique model scales specialist expertise beyond the confines of a single clinic, instantly generating additional supply through a network of generalist colleagues who already have existing patient relationships. This creates new revenue streams for both generalist and specialist clinicians, whilst simultaneously increasing patient access to specialised services.

Traditional healthcare models cannot keep up with the demand for increasingly specialised treatment; and yet highly trained general clinicians are not empowered to work at their full potential. By connecting clinicians with different but complementary skill sets using technology, not only do more patients get access to the treatment they need, but clinicians feel less isolated and more fulfilled in their work.

Dr Sonia Szamocki, founder and CEO of 32Co

Dr. Sonia Szamocki, the founder and CEO of 32Co, was driven by her own experiences in the healthcare industry to establish the platform.

As a doctor educated at Oxford and having worked in London hospitals, she recognized the readily available specialist expertise in hospitals, in stark contrast to the isolation often experienced by clinicians in primary care settings. Driven by a desire to empower general clinicians to provide more specialised care in their communities, 32Co aims to address this unmet patient demand.

While initially focused on orthodontics and the clear aligner industry, the company aspires to revolutionise healthcare more broadly, exploring future applications of its innovative model.

Dr Sonia Szamocki, founder and CEO of 32Co

We are proud to have partnered with 32co at the start of their journey. Having a number of health tech companies target patients directly - a lot fewer have managed to bring technology platforms to the hands of healthcare professionals, and collaboration between general practitioners and specialists is unlocking a completely new supply & demand - in an overwhelmed healthcare system.

Magda Lukaszewicz, Principal at Balderton


Starting with orthodontics, 32Co is transforming the clear aligner industry. Only about a third of dentists offer clear aligner treatments consistently and only a fraction are able to treat more complex cases; with ~60% of patients suffering from malocclusion (misaligned teeth), there is significant unmet patient demand in this space due to constrained supply. To address this issue, 32Co has assembled a team of highly experienced UK-based specialist orthodontists who collaborate directly with dentists worldwide through the platform. Their guidance ensures safe and reliable outcomes, establishing the first real-time, treatment-focused commercial collaboration for clear aligner providers.

Dentists training and working with 32Co report a remarkable 92% increase in confidence on average. Unsurprisingly, this model also results in improved patient outcomes. Traditional non-specialist supported treatment requires an average of two revisions. With 32Co, this occurs in < 5% of cases.

Since April 2022, 32Co has grown 5x, with hundreds of dentists signing up each month and over 30% growth attributed to word-of-mouth referrals.

The platform has garnered interest from dentists globally, including large dental groups. As a result of the superior outcomes, they are also the only clear aligner platform to have an exclusive partnership with Dental Protection, the world’s leading dental indemnifier.

The successful seed funding round, led by Balderton and featuring participation from strategic angels such as Nicolas Cary, co-founder of Blockchain.com, will support 32Co's vision of becoming the leading health tech platform to scale access to specialist treatments.

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