2022 SFG Report: A year of furthering commitment and building momentum

Two years after the launch of our Sustainable Future Goals, our 2022 report covers how we’re progressing.

When we first launched our Sustainable Future Goals two years ago, we wrote:

“The twenty-first century has confronted the global community with challenges that require global cooperation at all levels. Given the substantial role that both private enterprise and capital play in our interconnected world, Balderton recognises it has a contribution to make in addressing these challenges.”

Today, we believe that more strongly than ever. Crucially, we believe in the power of actions over words, and in 2022 we have dedicated significant energy and resource to driving our Sustainable Future Goals forward with greater commitment, clarity and collaboration.

We are delighted to share with you our second annual SFG report. See how we’ve progressed against our OKRs, meet some of our new SFG-focused investments, and hear from our new Head of Impact & SFG Elodie Broad for her reflections on the year ahead.

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