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The twenty-first century has confronted the global community with challenges that require global cooperation at all levels.

We are fully committed to proactively addressing these challenges.

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SFG - Environmental

1. Urgent climate action — substantially reduce our emissions, and offset existing emissions

2. Responsible consumption — adopt responsible standards for our own consumption and production

3. Green cities — do our part to make cities more breathable, livable and sustainable

4. Renewable energy — accelerate our adoption of affordable and clean energy

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SFG – Social

5. Fairness and equal opportunities — be a workplace that enables equal opportunities; support jobs or services that improve the lives of vulnerable groups

6. Gender equality, diversity and inclusion — embrace diversity in all forms, with a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination of any kind

7. Good health and wellbeing — ensure good health and wellbeing in our workplace

8. Lifelong learning — offer vocational training and lifelong learning for our employees; support quality education for children.

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SFG – Governance

9. Highest ethical and governance standards — hold ourselves accountable, and stand firm against corruption, unethical behavior and remain compliant with all relevant regulatory bodies.

10. Data rights are human rights — treat personal data, and privacy of customers and users, with respect.

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If you're considering building your own ESG framework, we share here some of our materials, in the hopes that this will help you on your journey.

Our ESG framework

We have open sourced our ESG Framework at this link.

Our framework is specifically designed for our business (venture capital) and appropriate to our company size, but we hope it will provide a starter for your discussions.

Read our announcement blog describing our journey to developing this framework.

Your ESG framework

Here are seven very generalised steps to start your thinking on building your own framework.

The steps are the ones we went through, and are still going through. We would welcome feedback!


Our inspiration

Our SFGs were modelled on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Learn more about these goals.


If you have comments and questions, please contact Colin Hanna and/or Magda Lukaszewicz on our team.

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