Building companies is hard. We understand this, because our team includes the founders and operational leaders of multi-billion dollar global companies. At Balderton, we are committed to putting our expertise, support, and our network, to work for our founders.

In Build with Balderton, we are sharing our expertise and insights to help you go through the journey from an idea to the large, global and impactful business you aim to build.


The Balderton Essentials Guide to Employee Equity

Equity is at the heart of the technology ecosystem. Every day, we work with our CEOs and their teams on every aspect of strategy. Equity is always discussed. Consequently, we have large reserves of historical data and advice. This Guide shares that data and advice.


The European Talent Landscape Report

Research into where people working in European tech come from, what experience they have, and what they expect in their roles.


On Board with Balderton

A guide for best practices in board meetings.


The Balderton Playbook for i18n, part 2: Where?

Questions Founders and CEOs should consider when deciding where to expand geographically.


The Balderton Playbook for i18n, part 1: When?

Questions that come up when talking to Founders and CEOs considering moving into their first international market.


5 Reasons Why Selling is the Key Skill Founders Need to Learn

Why selling is a skill all startup CEOs should master.


7 Benefits your VC should provide


Anatomy of a venture capital investment

The venture fundraise process broken down into the eight typical stages that many firms will go through.

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