Our values
are the principles
that drive our work
every day

about winning

  • We aim to build the best venture firm in Europe
  • We work hard to win the hearts of the entrepreneurs
  • We encourage our entrepreneurs to take risks and to think big

Rigorous in our

  • We debate hard and value smart thinking, based on facts and data
  • We aim to develop strong convictions around key decisions and avoid soft consensus
  • We challenge the status quo and aim to excel and raise the bar in everything we do

Trusted partner of the entrepreneur

  • More than providers of capital, we aim to be the trusted partner of the entrepreneurs
  • We are straightforward and honest
  • We are here to help entrepreneurs go through the hard challenges of building great companies

and ego free

  • We work together, and challenge each other, but do so in a friendly and supportive manner
  • We are an equal partnership, and as such, we will bring all the resources of the firm at the service of the entrepreneur
  • We value humility and know not to take undue credit. Success belongs to the companies and the entrepreneurs

Responsible investors

  • Integrity is the backbone of our firm. It dictates how we operate with everyone
  • We integrate ethics in our investment decision making
  • We aim to drive values of integrity and responsibility in the entire portfolio