ZOE secures additional Series B funding in preparation for UK launch


The new funding from Balderton will help to fuel the much-anticipated launch of its personalised nutrition program in the UK in 2022.

ZOE is a health science company that is pushing boundaries in the nutrition science space. Founded by established leaders in the health and technology spaces, Jonathan Wolf, George Hadjigeorgou, and Professor Tim Spector, ZOE is a product of more than three years of research by nutrition scientists from leading academic institutions including Massachusetts General Hospital, King’s College London, Stanford Medicine, and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Through its research for PREDICT, ZOE found that we each respond differently to the same food because we each have unique gut microbes, which is why a one-size-fits-all approach to food does not work.ZOE’s program begins with a comprehensive test that identifies the prevalence of 30 specific bacteria (15 “good” and 15 “bad”) linked to metabolic health, as well as blood sugar and blood fat responses to food. After the testing process, ZOE members are provided with their personalized insights and gut health report. Using the ZOE Insights App, members are then empowered with a 4-week action plan and tools tailored to their test insights. Watch ZOE co-founder, Dr Tim Spector in conversation with Balderton’s Daniel Waterhouse below to find out more about ZOE 👇

Daniel sits down with ZOE co-founder, Dr Tim Spector, to talk about how the company is pushing boundaries in the nutrition science space, the ZOE COVID Study and when the service will be available in the UK.

Having known the team at Balderton for some time, we are delighted to welcome them as a partner in our work toward tackling global health issues.

George Hadjigeorgiou President and Co-founder, ZOE

The company is known in the UK for running the ZOE COVID Study, the world’s largest community science project for symptoms of COVID-19 and related health issues, with over 4 million contributors globally. The ZOE team launched the COVID STUDY app at the end of March 2020 to support vital COVID-19 research. It is now supported by the UK Government Department of Health and Social Care and endorsed by NHS Wales and NHS Scotland. ZOE operates the world’s largest nutrition science study (PREDICT) with the goal of improving health outcomes globally. The company, founded on the belief that innovative digital technologies can enable human research at an unrivalled depth and scale, combines artificial intelligence, digital technologies, and collaboration with leading scientists worldwide to deliver sustainable health recommendations.Since the beginning of 2021, ZOE has cemented its authentic and credible reputation with peer-reviewed research, published in several leading scientific journals such as Nature Medicine, Gut, and Nature Metabolism. In May, the company achieved global recognition from its successful viral marketing campaign, #bluepoopchallenge, which invited people all over the world to learn more about their gut health. With the latest announcement, ZOE will continue to provide an innovative, human-centred program backed by the latest science while expanding its footprint into new regions and communities in the new year.

What ZOE has already achieved is impressive, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. We are looking forward to the launch of ZOE’s nutrition program in the UK next year. They truly are paving the way to be one of Europe’s most prolific breakout companies to disrupt the health tech space.

Daniel Waterhouse General Partner, Balderton

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