ROLI’s new instrument, Blocks, will be available in all Apple Stores worldwide

The music technology innovator, ROLI, recently unveiled BLOCKS, a new modular musical instrument that aims to democratise music in a way that nobody has done before

The new instrument will retail at a far more affordable price (either $179, or $79), and will be available to buy at Apple Stores around the world.

Much like mobile technology has transformed photography from a specialist pastime into a hobby in which anyone can participate, ROLI aims to similarly transform music. 

Music remains a universal language that everyone understands, but only a few can speak. BLOCKS will change that, and enable people around the world to experience the joy of music-making for the first time.

ROLI's CEO and Founder Roland Lamb

Without the photographic renaissance, would there be Instagram or Snapchat? Who knows where this type of innovation will lead? 

Much like ROLI's previous instruments - the Seaboard Grand, and the Seaboard Rise - Blocks uses an intuitive touch interface to enable users to create music.

This news follows hot on the heels of ROLI's acquisition of FXpasion. Congratulations to ROLI on their recent achievements, we're looking forward to the next chapter!


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