PODCAST: Outdated Assumptions about Nordic Tech | Neil Murray, Founder & Editor of The Nordic Web

Neil Murray, Founder and Editor of TheNordicWeb, joins Ben Goldsmith to challenge a few outdated assumptions about the Scandinavian tech scene.

0030 Neil recently wrote a piece with the title, 'the state of the Nordic tech scene today'. It is a response to certain outdated assumptions about the ecosystem that Neil would like to dispel...

0330 Neil answers the question: will The Nordics overtake London as a venue for tech investment anytime soon? He explains how the stats & gut feeling provide a different answer.

0530 Neil explains how his colleagues in the media need to update and sharpen up their Nordic tech knowledge.

0810 Should be a Nordic web for every city? Here, Neil gives a massive pat on the back.

0920 In a recent article on Pando Daily, the Nordics was criticised for a lack of sector diversity... Neil explains why it is London, not The Nordics, that needs more variety!

1150 Neil lays out the top people and place to meet if you're new to Nordic Tech: CPHFTW, Sup46, Stockholm Tech Meetup, Slush and Arctic Startup all get Mr Murray's approval.

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