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As promised, here are the details for the TouchSurgery Hackathon:

Title: Healthcare Innovation Hackathon - Inspire innovation and impact healthcare.
Date: June 4th & 5th 10am - 4pm
Location: Balderton Capital - The Stables, 28 Britannia St, Kings Cross, London WC1X 9JF, United Kingdom

Goal of the event: Identify problems in the medical field and offer solutions that can realistically be pursued as a viable product as; Tools/ instruments, consumables, hardware, software, App.

Sign up page: partner.touchsurgery.com/biz-form/

Andre Chow and Andy Davis join Ben to discuss the trials and tribulations with working with the healthcare industry, and explain why they are running a hackathon to bring two separate industries together.

0042 What is Touch Surgery all about? Creating a mobile accessible tool to help surgical training?

0220 How do you overcome the 'customer problem' in health-care?

0245 Andre explains that everyone knows that healthcare is a huge market, but with this size comes "immense slowness", that can be frustrating to entrepreneurs

0330 Potentially unlike many other industries, diligence is of paramount importance in medicine.

0548 On the conservatism of the healthcare industry, Andre explains that even though high levels of careful consideration are great when dealing with patients, that the mentality isn't helpful when applied to entrepreneurship.

0640 HACKATHON! In an attempt to remedy the industry's conservatism, Andre, Andy and the touch surgery team are running a hackathon to bring the medical, technology and entrepreneurial industries closer together.

0850 The TouchSurgery team share their top tips for doctors who are starting their first business...

1135 On non-disclosure agreements: The TS team tried to keep their idea under wraps in the early days, and quickly worked out that they need to talk openly about their business if they were to succeed! They advise fellow 'doctorpreneurs' to do the same.

1910 Andrew explains that, if he wasn't doing TouchSurgery, that he would take

2200 Keep your eye out for some original, medical research from TouchSurgery. As Andre explains, they want to use data to explain how they have a genuine effect on patient outcomes.

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