Lars Fjeldsoe-Nielsen talks to Penge and Privatøkonomi

This month's March edition of the leading Danish monthly business and finance magazine "Penge and Privatøkonomi" features Balderton general partner, Lars Fjeldsoe-Nielsen. 

The in-depth article looks at Balderton's transition over the past seventeen years from Benchmark Europe to Balderton Capital, and the firm's focus on early-stage investments in European technology companies. It is also something of a 'crash course' on the nature of venture capital, describing both the process the start-ups have to go through to catch the attention and interest from investors, and stresses the emphasis Balderton partners put on a healthy, strong and ethically based culture in selected portfolio companies.

Lars emphasises how critical it is that all the Balderton Partners have hands-on experience in technology start-ups, which enables the team to contribute in very tangible and strategic ways to the ten to fifteen companies that join the portfolio every year. Lars speaks to the range of experience in the Balderton team, and the 'sweet spots' that each team member has in technology sectors and talks about this as a critical competitive advantage over more 'classic' investors.

I might become a bit unpopular in the venture investment environment, but the successful investors of the future will be recruited among people who have hands-on experience in founding and developing companies.

Lars Fjeldsoe-Nielsen

Penge and Privatøkonomi is only available in physical, printed form in Denmark, so for those readers in Denmark, we encourage you to take a look. It makes for interesting reading.

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