Lars joined Balderton as a General Partner in 2015, after a decade in Silicon Valley where he was involved with three of the Valley's best-known tech companies – Uber, Dropbox and WhatsApp.

Lars joined Uber when the company was operating in less than 20 cities. His role as Vice President resulted in strategic alliances with global telcos, including Verizon and Carlos Slim's América Movil group across Latin America, deals which fueled Uber's rapid growth.

Lars joined Dropbox as one of the company’s first 25 employees. As Head of Mobile, his growth deals with Samsung and other mobile OEMs helped the file-sharing company reach its first 100 million users.

He helped WhatsApp as an advisor to the business team on growth and distribution until the messaging app's acquisition by Facebook in 2014.

He also worked at Voicesignal (acq. Nuance), Skyhook Wireless (acq. TruePosition), Ness Technologies (acq. Opentable), and T9 Tegic (acq. AOL).

More than a billion people have used the software and services distributed as a result of mobile growth initiatives led by Lars in his career. Five of those companies were acquired.

Lars, who is Danish-Portuguese, grew up across Africa and served with the Royal Danish Guards. He holds an MBA from London Business School, an MSc from Oxford University and a BSc from Kings College London. In 2015 he moved from Palo Alto back to London. His investments include Hiya, Blue Bottle Coffee, Feast Kitchen, Zycada Networks, Soundtrack Your Brand, Dubsmash, Pocket (acq by Mozilla), Labster and Tempow.

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Lucie Anderson

Lars speaks at #CPHFTW on the common denominator for startups like Uber, Dropbox and WhatsApp.

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