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  • 01Building a great team is vital to your success

Building a great team is vital to your success

We are here to help you do just that.

Ways we can help:

+ Referrals to coaches and search firms
+ Compensation and benchmarking data
+ Free workshops on hiring and leadership
+ Promoting job opportunities through our portal
+ Advice on building and optimizing a People team
+ Curated high quality content on company building
+ Opportunistic candidate referrals from our network
+ Advice on specific how-to and best practice questions
+ Facilitating calibration meetings with functional leaders

Ways we can't help:

We support a portfolio of 115+ companies so we are happy to answer questions and recommend resources but we can't substitute in as your talent and HR team.

Here are the few things we can't do for you:

- Recruiting 
- Giving legal advice
- Engaging as a regular coach

  • 02The Balderton Network

The Balderton Network

Finding the best people is easier when you leverage our extensive network across Europe and the US. Wherever you aim to grow, we have already been there and can help you hit the ground running.


As you set out to find the best people to join your team, at various points you will need to work with external recruiters.

The question is who to work with? Choose wrong and you will waste many weeks and thousands in fees. Choose right and you will have a partner who will work with you to make great hires.

Luckily you don't have to make these choices alone.

As a portfolio company, you will have access to our database of preferred search partners, continuously updated based on feedback from our network.


Our careers portal promotes nearly 1,000 exciting job opportunities across our portfolio, attracting hundreds of candidates from around the globe every month.

Visit our Careers Portal

  • 03The Balderton Essential Guide to Employee Equity

The Balderton Essential Guide to Employee Equity

Equity is often a perplexing topic for founders and employees. From option pools, to tax implications, to vesting schedules, there is a lot to figure out.

Because we discuss equity with every company we work with, we have built a vast knowledge reserve on this topic.

We have gathered all the data, insights, key learnings into one comprehensive guide. This is a practical tool with worksheets and actionable advice to help you navigate employee equity in European startups.

Get the Guide

  • 04Build with Balderton

Build with Balderton

Building companies is hard. We understand this, because our team includes the founders and operational leaders of multi-billion dollar global companies. At Balderton, we are committed to putting our expertise, support, and our network, to work for our founders.

In Build with Balderton, we share our expertise and insights to help you go through the journey from an idea to the large, global and impactful business you aim to build.

Visit Build with Balderton

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