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  • 00We believe access to venture capital should not be limited by who you know.

We believe access to venture capital should not be limited by who you know.


We run regular 'virtual' office hours — at least every quarter. More often if there is more demand.

Our sessions are run in collaboration with other leading investors and non-profits who work to broaden access to venture capital for Europe's technology founders.

These sessions are open to all European founders running an exciting tech business.


Please register for our next virtual office hours using the form below.

If you are interested in speaking to us, please apply below.

Please note sessions are limited in capacity.

See below for FAQs.

Register for Office Hours

Applications are currently closed. Check back soon! 


Who should apply for a session?

These sessions are for European entrepreneurs looking for advice on growing their startup. We aim to improve access to venture capital, so these sessions are mainly aimed at founders who do not already have connections within the industry.

Should I apply if I have already met or spoken to someone from Balderton?

No. If you are already in touch with Balderton, please follow up directly with the person you were speaking to.

How soon will I know if my application has been successful?

We aim to get back to everyone within two weeks of opening the application process.

How long is each session? What should I expect from the session?

Each session is usually 30 minutes long. We aim to make these one-on-one, however, they may occasionally be grouped where founders are asking for advice on the same challenge and a group discussion could be beneficial.

Who will I be meeting with?

Who you meet with depends on what challenge you’d like help with. Most sessions are with a member of our investment team, however, you can also request to meet experts in marketing, communications, talent and legal.

Is this an opportunity to secure investment?

No, these sessions are for advice only. Should our team be interested in finding out more about your business, they will follow up with you directly.

If I have to cancel/am unable to attend the session I have been invited to will I automatically get a slot in the next session?

Sadly, we are unable to guarantee sessions in the following Office Hours.

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