vivenu raises $50M Series B to disrupt the ticketing industry

NOV 15, 2021

The round was led by Activant Capital and other unnamed investors. Existing investors including Balderton and the fund associated with the NFL team San Francisco 49ers participated.

vivenu empowers leading ticket sellers around the globe with a unified, powerful ticketing experience fueled by its API-first ticketing platform, which puts ticket buyer data, customization and management capabilities firmly where they belong - in the hands of event organisers.

This stands in stark contrast to the approach of incumbents, who tend to offer subpar account management based services rather than modern technology, block organizers from accessing their data and provide limited customization or integration options. As a result, organizers are often forced to build countless workarounds; spend hours on the phone to account managers for even the smallest changes; or wait years for new features.

From our conversations with organizers, we know that to succeed in the age of rapidly evolving consumer behaviour, more, not less, self-empowerment is essential. vivenu is aimed at those who want to celebrate individuality, and to make full use of the ever-increasing amount of data their customers entrust them with. The new funds will help us get our solution to more organizers faster and allow us to continue developing our best-in-class product.

Simon Hennes, Co-Founder and CEO of vivenu

Balderton led vivenu's Series A in December 2020. The new funding will be used to fuel further expansion into new markets such as the US, grow the team and double down on building the vivenu platform to deliver game-changing customer experiences for the new digital age.

vivenu’s customer count has increased to the hundreds, with a high two-digit monthly growth rate – mostly driven by the development in its API segment.

The accelerated growth comes not only from vivenu’s core market, Germany, where legendary soccer club Schalke 04 will be selling tickets exclusively via vivenu, but also from increased inbound interest from the rest of Europe and the US.

The global pandemic and its aftershocks have made many organisers keenly aware of just how important a future-proof technology infrastructure and data independence are to their success in the new normal. vivenu is now in prime position to continue to deliver the tools they need to succeed.

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