Tessian raises $42m led by Sequoia to lead the next wave of enterprise cybersecurity

FEB 27, 2019

Tessian is helping hundreds of enterprises around the world to radically reduce the chances of human security breaches 

We are delighted to announce Tessian has raised $42m in a Series B funding round led by Sequoia to accelerate its global expansion, and invest heavily in research and development to expand its product line.

We participated in the round alongside Latitude and Accel, having led the company's Series A in June 2018. 

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Tessian is building the world’s first Human Layer Security platform to protect enterprises from threats executed by people, not code. The firm believes the key to keeping businesses and their sensitive data secure, is understanding how people - not networks or devices - process data. 

People are the most important decision makers in the enterprise and process extremely sensitive information on a daily basis, yet they’re more vulnerable than ever before. Tessian’s mission is to help organisations protect people processing data using technology that empowers, rather than restricts the way they work

Tim Sadler, CEO of Tessian

Tessian’s technology uses machine learning to eliminate the security vulnerabilities surrounding enterprise email including spear phishing and misdirected emails. The platform analyses historical email data in order to understand the context of human relationships and communication. By knowing what normal email activity looks like, it can automatically detect any anomalies that may imply a security threat.

Tessian now has 100s of customers in Europe and the USA. Revenues grew by more than 300% last year

Suranga Chandratillake, Balderton Capital and Tim Sadler, Tessian, at the 2018 Balderton CEO Collective, The Luberon, France

Since we led the Series A in Tessian, it has been a pleasure to work with Tim, Ed, Tom and their team as they have continued to execute rapidly on their vision of Human Layer Security. Starting with misaddressed emails, expanding to both weak and strong form spear-phishing and with plans for much more, we believe the company's singular focus on protecting corporations, without limiting or restricting their employees, is powerful and sets the bar on enterprise security.

Suranga Chandratillake, partner at Balderton Capital

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