SOPHiA GENETICS raises $234M and goes public on the NASDAQ

Jurgi Camblong, Sophia genetics


We are delighted to congratulate SOPHiA GENETICS on its IPO on NASDAQ ($SOPH) making it Europe’s latest unicorn to go public.

Following the IPO, James has stepped down as a board member and will be replaced by Kathy L. Hibbs. Kathy is an accomplished healthcare technology executive, and is currently the Chief Legal and Regulatory Officer at the consumer genetics company 23andMeYou can read more about the news on Sophia’s site here.

We’re at a technological tipping point, where widely available software platforms like SOPHiA GENETICS can provide huge improvements in our efforts to diagnose and treat disease. SOPHiA’s decentralised model and advanced machine learning techniques has made genomic and epigenetic analysis more effective, affordable and accessible to 100,000s of patients. It’s been an absolute privilege to work with Jurgi and his team to get the company to this point, and we’re excited for their future.

James Wise Partner, Balderton

“When founding SOPHiA GENETICS, our goal was to create a tech company whose impact would significantly improve patients’ care. We’ve worked hard to develop a strong entrepreneurial spirit at SOPHiA GENETICS, encouraging every employee to make a difference. Our corporate DNA, rooted in quality, precision, and robustness, is the key to our success and a promise of hope for millions worldwide.”Jurgi Camblong, Founder and CEO, SOPHiA GENETICS

Jurgi Camblong, Founder and CEO, SOPHiA GENETICS

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