Prodigy Finance raise $100m

Feedback from students & investors who use Prodigy Finance above.

We are delighted to announce that Prodigy Finance, the leader in international postgraduate student lending, have raised over $100 million investment.

The total amount comprises of loan capital from Credit Suisse, and a $12.5m equity investment round led by Balderton Capital. The round also included Betfair cofounder and angel investor Ed Wray.

There are four clear reasons for why Balderton have invested in Prodigy Finance. Firstly, Cameron is great entrepreneur. Secondly, there is a real need in the market to allow global students access to the best post-graduate education, at the moment students are missing out, potentially due to financial barriers-to-entry. Third, the platform that Cameron and his team have built over the past five years works in eighty countries. This demonstrates that it is a hugely scalable business and, in this respect, it is totally unique. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, both the schools and students involved love the offering and experience.

You can read more about their investment in the FT.

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