PODCAST: What does Brexit and The Budget mean for UK entrepreneurs? | Guy Levin of Coadec

This week, we speak to Guy Levin, the Executive Director of Coadec. Guy heads up the UK's foremost digital think tank and trade association, and is also the Associate Editor of Policy at The Memo. He was formerly a special adviser to DFID(Department for International Development) and DCMS (Department for Culture, Media and Sport).

0030 For those who haven't come across Coadec before, Guy gives a brief introduction to what they do.

0050 We have to talk about Brexit. 80%+ of Coadec's membership recently express a very definite interest in remaining in the EU. Guy explains what Coadec will do next in the light of this overwhelming response.

0255 Guy talks about some individual members of The UK"s entrepreneurial community who have come out in favour of remaining in the EU, such as Tom from Mondo, Taavet of TransferWise and Damian of Duedil.

0320 As many of us won't be 100% familiar with the workings of Whitehall: How does a think tank work?

0420 Guy explains that the job during Brexit is to influence the voting public, and reminds his fellow politicos that the day to day workings of politics doesn't really effect people's lives!

0535 Guy explains why entrepreneurs' stories are critical to the EU campaign.

0720 What UKIP got wrong with their isolantionist policy: USA and China can access a huge single market, whereas UK can't.

0800 If Britain leaves the EU, what will happen to passporting? We enter the unkown... !

0930 The big question: Guy delves into the reasons why tech entrepreneurs should want to remain in the EU, and also considers the arguments put forward by pro-Brexit campaigners.

1330 The Budget was a fairly recent occurrence in UK policy. It's fair to say that the UK tech agenda wasn't at the front and centre of the budget, but Guy has teased out the most important parts for techies.

1420 The government has recognised the gig economy in an area tucked away in the recent budget.

1600 So what are the government doing?

1740 In areas such as fintech, UK legislation has been comparatively progressive. For example, equity crowdfunding has been able to flourish here. Is there something inherently progressive about UK legislation?

1916 Guy tips his hat to 'the people at the top of politics', who caught the tech bug early on, and have helped the industry to grow.

2000 According to Guy, the 'meritocracy of ideas' is powerful in Whitehall. In other words, if Coadec continue to feed in good ideas to policymakers, they stand a greater chance of implementation.

2110 The entrepreneurial part of Guy's journey is that he chose to breathe new life into Coadec after the organisation had been 'laying dormant' for some time.

2300 "I'm proud that we've been able to influence the debate"

2440 How does one think tank collaborate with another?

2540 What's next on the horizon for Coadec? Guys says we should keep our eyes peeled for the London Startup Manifesto, and also some work on the Snooper's Charter...

NB: Please find the actual stats that I couldn't remember during the podcast here!

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