PODCAST: How Data Science Transformed our business | George Spencer of Rentify & Ollie Glass Copy


01:17 George explains how and why he realised that there was an opportunity for Rentify to be a lot smarter with data.

02:55 Was the first though that data could aid sales? Not necessarily! The first experiment was to create an extremely smart solution for landlords.

03:40 George explains what he did wrong with data science the first time around, and what they learned for the next attempt.

06:02 Ollie describes his first interactions with George, and about the process of discovering how a data scientist can best help an entrepreneur. As Ollie says, he also needs to demonstrate that he will help bring more money into the business than his day rate!

07:50 Experimenting with data can be extremely fun... but that shouldn't distract entrepreneurs from finding out a business-purpose for data science.

08:35 Ollie has a message to fellow data scientists: if a client is asking you to do work that doesn't necessarily require a data scientist to carry it out, tell them and help them make a smarter decision

08:53 What was the first project that you collaborated on?

10:40 A word to the wise: Make sure the output is clear, useable information - rather than data that needs another scientist to interpret it

13:01 Tips for entrepreneurs on how, when and why to engage a data scientist.

14:25 Is it a challenge for a data scientist to integrate with existing work-flows and jobs

16:55 A tip to other entrepreneurs from George: you need the rest of your team to understand the purpose of a data scientist, and that is a creative role.

19:40 If a data scientist is joining the team for the short or medium term, make sure someone sponsors them inside your business, otherwise they risk being accidentally shut out.

21:00 Olly explains the questions he really likes to hear when he first meets an entrepreneur

22:50 George explains how data science has transformed his business.

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