Best practice for board meetings

Board meetings are of paramount importance. They give a group of key people the opportunity to form a team to discuss topics of strategic importance and help a business overcome their inevitable challenges.

But it's not always that simple. Board meetings need to be designed, organised and conducted effectively. Like everything, that takes time and practice, and healthy dose of experience.

However, the first time many entrepreneurs step into a boardroom they are expected to run it, and run it well, as CEO. That’s why we put this deck together – in order to share best practice, and to enable all entrepreneurs to run great board meetings.

Over the years we have invested in over 200 companies, and had the pleasure of serving on many boards.

The firm was originally founded a by group of investors from Benchmark Capital with the idea of bringing the US venture capital model to Europe. While the firm has evolved significantly since then, we are still strong believers that venture investing is about partnering with entrepreneurs for the long-run and that the best investments are made as a team and not as a group of individual investors.

Our partnership includes founders of billion-dollar, public software companies, former executives from Uber, Dropbox, SAP, Google and Yahoo, and the former global Head of Equity Capital Markets at Goldman Sachs.

Importantly, we are an equal partnership, meaning that we all share equally in each investment we make.

Because of this, as members of the Balderton portfolio, you will benefit from the full range of our experience rather than just the partner on your board.

This report covers:

  • Checklist of key questions
  • Events and deadlines
  • Advice on board members
  • Preparing your board deck
  • Meeting length, and frequency
  • Content of board meetings
  • Culture in board meetings

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Chairs should be independent from CEOs. The board is a team formed to help the company, and the Chair is the Captain

Bernard Liautaud, managing partner, Balderton

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