Kili Technology raises $25M Series A to speed up AI adoption

JUL 27, 2021

Only six months after closing a seed round, Kili Technology has raised $25 million in Series A funding from Balderton Capital, with previous investors Serena Capital and Headline.

Kili Technology is the simplest and most comprehensive enterprise-grade training data platform. 

Kili Technology starts from companies’ raw data (contracts, customer emails, medical images, video, recorded conversations, aerial images from UAVs or satellites) and turns it into valuable transformative AI applications across all industries.

For the last 40 years AI related research has focused on model preparation, resulting in 0.1% or 0.01% increase of the model performance. Whereas focusing on data enables faster iterations to increase the model’s performance by many percentage points. As the AI expert Andrew Ng stresses “80% of machine learning work is spent on data preparation, thus ensuring data quality is the major task of AI teams”. Kili Technology solution enables all companies implementing AI to enter into this new paradigm.

François-Xavier Leduc, CEO and co-founder of Kili Technology

The Kili Technology cofounders, Edouard d’Archimbaud and François-Xavier Leduc

Kili Technology's strength lies in the perfection of its technology. Our solution integrates state of the art AI annotation technology, such as interactive segmentation that reduces by 50 data annotation time and reaches 94% precision. These features enable productivity gains by simplifying and speeding up annotation tasks.

Edouard d’Archimbaud, CTO and cofounder of Kili Technology

Kili created the first data-centric AI training platform to iterate faster on the AI training and improvement cycle in order to boost AI applications. The solution is used by hundreds of AI-powered scale-up and data-science teams of large companies from various industries to address multiple AI use-cases. 

Over the past six months, Kili Technology has exceeded targets, increasing dramatically its client’ portfolio in France and abroad (Europe, US and Asia), taking positions in all industries (bank and insurance, defence, manufacturing, retail, healthcare). 

Managing and transforming unstructured data into training-ready data involves complex workflows and collaboration between business users and data teams. Kili's data infrastructure platform simplifies this by managing the entire data lifecycle, helping companies to save time and money. We were impressed by the combination of technical experience from Kili's team and their capacity to execute at a fast pace.

Bernard Liautaud, Managing Partner, Balderton

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