Furhat Robotics raises $2.5m to put social intelligence into robotics

Furhat Robotics raises $2.5m to put social intelligence into robotics

We are delighted to announce today our seed round investment in Furhat Robotics, the startup that is putting social intelligence into robotics. The Swedish research startup, co-founded by Samer Al Moubayed, is building a conversational operating system to power robots with advanced social skills.

Samer Al Moubayed, founder and CEO, Furhat Robotics

Furhat’s vision is to build a computer interface that enables people to interact with machines the same way we interact with each other.

Samer Al Moubayed, Furhat Robotics

The investment follows an exceptional period for Furhat Robotics which has already secured a mix of leading research universities and global businesses as customers and partners. Furhat, based in Stockholm, is set to double in size as it recruits world-class engineers and PhDs, as well as business management expertise, to continue the development of Furhat’s intelligence. 

Furhat is a remarkably brilliant piece of creativity ... the dialogue is compelling and addictive. There is nothing like meeting Furhat in person.

Daniel Waterhouse, partner, Balderton

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